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· Project Management

Project Management Tools

I provide Project Management services to companies involved in the fields of Property Development, Construction Management and Engineering, operating worldwide. I have gained extensive experience as a Construction Supervisor, Project Engineer, Structural Designer, CAD lecturer, and a Project Controls Manager (Resources, Cost, Schedule, Reports, Claims, Project Procedures & Strategies), during my career. I have worked in the Middle East, North America and Europe.

I can provide you with professional and comprehensive services in the following Project Management fields:

 · Construction and Site Management
 · Quality and Safety Management Systems
 · Claims and Dispute Management
 · Risk Analysis
 · Contract Administration
 · Cost Management
 · Planning and Schedule Management
 · Document Control
 · Project Procedures and Plans

The tools and methods I usually employ are described in the Project Management Tools presentation.

· Business Development

Business Plan I have gained extensive experience in management of multi billion construction projects in both the Middle East and Europe. I am currently focused on construction and real estate activities in the Czech Republic. I have a good knowledge of the current situation in the Czech construction and property industry.
If you are planning to establish a local branch or a subsidiary in Eastern Europe you may be interested to go through a Business Plan I have prepared for this purpose some times ago. The Business Plan will give you a rough idea of what is required from a foreign entity to start doing business in the Czech Republic. Shall you have any questions contact me anytime.

· Engineering

Probabilistic Assessment of Structures -SBRA (Simulation-Based Reliability Assessment method), gives designers a fully probabilistic approach. It is a workable tool for introducing a qualitatively new approach to the designer and making him acquainted with the fully probabilistic structural reliability assessment method using the Monte Carlo Simulation technique, which has become very efficient due to the drastic development of computer technology, is based on sampling and simulations. For more information refer to www.sbra-anthill.com or download my conference papers MS Word, Acrobat Pdf. Monte Carlo Simulation

Resources Control (time, cost, labor) - Oracle's Primavera Project Planner (P3 or P3e/c) is a tool designed for planning and scheduling, reporting and analysis, accountability management, resource management, cost management, contingency management, and standards management.

I have been working with Primavera products, including the Expedition (web collaborative platform), for a couple of years and gained an extensive experience implementing and maintaining Primavera solutions.
Primavera products overviews can be found at Primavera. Tips & Tricks for Primavera P3 or P3e/c are available at the Planning Planet forum.

A simple schedule / programme can also be developed with Excel using a conditional formatting function. A simple sample can be downloaded from here.
Primavera Project Planner

Software for students -
LOAD 01.XLS - Load calculation
Complies with CSN EN 1991 (Eurocode 1 + Czech Annex)
- Dead and Live load calculation
- Wind load calculation
- Snow load calculation

Eurocode 1 - Load Calculation
CONCRETE 59.XLS - Reinforced concrete assessment
Complies with CSN EN 1992-1-1 (Eurocode 2 + Czech Annex)
- Assessment of rectangular both sides reinforced beam for bending
- Assessment of rectangular column for bending and axial force, interaction graph
- Assessment of rectangular both sides reinforced beam with stirrups for shear force
- Deflection and crack width calculation
- Design and assessment of tension reinforcement As1 for slabs
- Rebar anchorage length calculation
- Material library

Eurocode 2 - Concrete Assessment
STEEL 03.XLS - Steel structural member calculation
Complies with CSN EN 1993 (Eurocode 3 + Czech Annex)
- Assessment of a steel member for tension
- Assessment of a steel member for compression (stability problem considered)
- Assessment of a steel member for bending
- Assessment of a steel member for bending (stability problem considered)

Eurocode 3 - Steel Assessment
FOUNDATION 05.XLS - Foundation assessment in soils
Complies with CSN EN 1997, CSN 73 1001, CSN 73 0031 (Eurocode 7 + Czech Annex)
- Assessment of rectangular foundation (bearing capacity)
- Assessment of rectangular foundation (deflection)
- Assessment of pile foundation

Eurocode 7 - Foundation Assessment

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